The Dojo’s “A-Plus Kids” Program Scores High for Parents and Teachers

As you have seen in our blog posts, The Dojo takes pride in the fact that our young pupils leave feeling more disciplined. As a result, they improve tremendously at home and in the classroom, receiving better grades. For those unfamiliar, our goal is to get your son or daughter to excel in all areas, which is why we started the “A-Plus Kids” program.


Ask any parent what they want for their children, and most will tell you that they simply want their son or daughter to be the best they can be. That is the same goal for our instructors, which is how the A-Plus Kids program came to be.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it…both parents and teachers of Dojo students have noticed marked improvements from the students, both disciplinary and academically. Check out this testimony from a parent:

My son, Matt, has been involved in The Dojo for only a few months now. I chose karate as a way of building self-esteem and confidence. The personal attention and encouragement he has received from Mr. Koostra has really impacted him. I see self-esteem building up in my son as well as much more focus and a desire to grow.

The staff has gone over and above to see that all of our needs are met. Their program comes highly recommended.

Karen Hulbert
Cumming, GA

There are many other positive reviews on our A-Plus Kids page. Check out a few of them, and feel free to give us a call to check out the program. We offer a two-week free trial, with no further obligations. We would love to have you aboard!

Top 5 Reasons To Enroll Your Child In A Martial Arts Class

From Diana Davila,

When a parent is considering enrolling their child or children into a martial arts school, they have to consider both their motivation and the motivations of their child. In order for a child to learn to love and stick with martial arts training over a long period of time, they have to share common goals with their parents, and most of all, the parents and child all have to enjoy it. If a parent’s goals aren’t being met, then they may feel they aren’t getting their money’s worth. If a child’s goals are not being met, then they will feel like they are being forced to train, and will never give 100%. The following are some of the most common reasons given for joining a children’s martial arts class. Consider why you want your child to train, and have a talk with your child about whether they really are interested in classes, and what they hope to learn or do in class.

Physical Fitness
Just like with adults, one of the most common reasons for enrolling a child into a martial arts class is fitness. Childhood obesity rates are climbing, and more and more children are spending a lot more time in front of the television, playing video games and using a computer. However, even among more active children, martial arts is still attractive since it is seen as a very good source of exercise that also teaches skills. Martial arts can help improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, strength and overall energy levels.

Life Skills
Another popular reason for enrolling children in the martial arts is to develop “life skills”. These skills include discipline, self control, patience, confidence, courage etc. The idea with these classes and this motivation is to reinforce what is already being taught at home. Martial arts classes can be a valuable tool for helping to really drive home the points you make at home in a very real way.

Self Defense
Self defense is the most obvious reason that should come to mind when considering enrolling a child in the martial arts. The focus of a good children’s martial arts class, while still teaching self defense movements, should be on conflict resolution, personal responsibility and avoidance. In that respect, attending a good martial arts class would benefit both the bully by teaching to respect others as well as your own power, and the bullied, by teaching how to calm a situation or defend oneself if need be.

Behavior Issues
Many parents turn to the martial arts when their children are acting out in school and at home. This is tied in to the life skills reason, but is very specific in what the desired outcome is,. These parents are looking for help improving attention span, respect, demeanor and self control. The structure of many martial arts classes can greatly aid in these areas, however results will really vary and depend on the relationship that is built between the child and the instructor. If the instructor has a good method of communicating with the child, is firm but friendly, and most importantly, is very consistent, then the child can really get a lot of out martial arts training.

Safe, after school activity
Many parents are just seeking a safe, wholesome, useful activity for their child to occupy some of their free time. These parents don’t want their child to sit at home all evening, or want them to get involved in something that makes them set and follow through on goals. Martial arts training will certainly help in that respect. A good martial arts school can become a second home for many children. The relationships built between classmates and with an instructor can last a lifetime and have a huge positive impact on a child’s life
IMG_8483-sWhatever reasons you have for enrolling your child in a martial arts class, be sure to discuss your goals with your child, and come to an understanding that will make both of you happy. A one sided arrangement in something with such a large investment of time, energy and money really will not work out to anyone’s benefit.

Check out The Dojo Risk FREE for Two-Weeks

So, you have read about the various karate programs that The Dojo offers, and you think you have found something for you or your child. However, you may still have reservations about enrolling. Sure, you want to help your son or daughter pick up a few self-defense techniques and marital arts styles, but the prices may seem a little steep or maybe you’re worried about your child’s commitment. It is understandable, and for that reason, we are here to help you.

Did you know that The Dojo offers both a two-week trial period with a full money back guarantee? With the trial, you get a tour of one of our nine facilities, meet the professional instructors, and give your child a chance to try out a free private lesson. If he or she enjoys the classes, we can get started on the enrollment process. From there, our trained staff will use karate training to instill a sense of self-discipline and respect in your child.

With the two-week guarantee, we promise you and your child will find The Dojo’s karate program satisfactory, or refund you 100%. However, keep in mind that this offer does not apply to every program. Be sure to speak with a studio representative first to see which discounts or offers apply to which programs.

How to Improve Your Discipling Techniques and Get Your Child to Behave Better: Part 1

In this article we are going to give some tips from The Dojo on how to improve your IMG_5537-1child’s discipline. My name is Daniel Lamb. I am the Chief Instructor at the Dacula Dojo and over the past 15 years I have worked with over 1000 different children to improve their personal discipline. I have seen it all and heard it all twice over. Today I’m going to share my guidelines for discipline and discuss the first two in depth.

The key to discipling better is to make sure you are teaching not just correcting. Teaching is based on setting goals for learning, planning an effective approach and finding solutions that work.  To find the approach that will work best for you children lets focus on these 5 guidelines. If you follow them I am sure you will have the same success as I have had with my karate kids.

  1. Set expectations
  2. Immediate response; don’t let the behavior slide
  3. Consistency
  4. Escalation of realistic punishments
  5. Leverage the power of positive reinforcement


Dinos waiting for classLets use an easy scenario to put the tips to work….

Have you ever given a 3 year old some crayons and a coloring book but without fail, somewhere along the way he/she thinks that coloring the carpet is a much better home for their new artwork?  Perhaps they enjoy the texture of the carpet more so than the paper. Who knows what 3 year olds are thinking? I don’t know either but if I haven’t figured it out in 15 years then its probably not going to happen anytime soon.



  1. Set expectations – To effectively discipline your child you really have to verbalize your expectations in the beginning. In our example letting your little Picasso know that crayons are only to be used in the coloring book you have begun teaching the concepts of right and wrong. In some cases children are not trying to misbehave. They just have not developed strong judgment skills like you and I have. They need to be taught to know the difference between right and wrong.
  2. Immediate response – If you notice a discipline problem act immediately! That punishment needs to be carried out right away or they will not respect your authority (or there lack of). The longer you wait the less effective the lesson becomes. So if the carpet masterpiece sits for a few hours you will lose your window to correct it. By the time you get around to talking with them the damage is already done. In your aspiring artists mind it’s already an acceptable behavior. Since you did not say it was wrong then it must be ok. Children are constantly pushing the boundaries to see what you will do. When is the last time your little one tested you? It’s likely they know using crayons on the carpet is wrong but they want to test you. They are watching for your reaction so make it swift to gain that authority.

That’s it for today. In future articles I will cover the other three guidelines in detail so stay tuned in! Thanks for reading and good luck with the discipline.

Instilling Discipline When it Comes to Household Chores

From what we have noticed, no matter what age they are, most children dread doing chores or anything involving cleaning, especially when it comes to their rooms! Regardless, it is something that has to be done. However, have you noticed a change in your child or teen’s attitude towards household chores, or just apathy in general? If you find yourself having trouble getting your son or daughter to respond, you may be at your wit’s end, but all is not lost. The same goes for any other disciplinary actions you enforce around the house.

Your child’s reluctance could stem from a number of factors. Maybe he or she feels he or she is gaining a little independence, or perhaps he or she wants to fit in at school, and feels “rebellion” is the way to do so. Regardless of whatever is going on, it is a disciplinary action that should be corrected, and The Dojo can help. Our karate classes instill a sense of pride and self-confidence, but more importantly respect for others – especially parents, teachers, and other authority figures.

Take a look at our A+ Kids page to see what parents and teachers have to say about their star pupils, who trained right here at The Dojo! Call us today if you have any questions about our children’s and martial arts training programs.

Back to School Reminder from The Dojo

Just a reminder that, even though school starts up this week for many children throughout Atlanta and surrounding counties, it is not too late to enroll in after-school programs and self-defense classes here at The Dojo. Our programs help children get on track and stay focused both in and out of the classroom. They learn many skills and techniques that help them remain disciplined, such as self-esteem, confidence, and discipline. In addition, enrolling in an after-school program can help keep your child off the streets and out of trouble.

Don’t forget we also offer a two-week trial period for any student to get a feel for the martial arts training program, as well as a two-week guarantee. If your son or daughter is not satisfied, we will issue you a full refund. Contact us today to learn more about The Dojo’s after-school program, offered at nine locations in the area. After you submit your form, one of our representatives will give you a call to give you more information!

Let The Dojo Ease Your Fears

Your child has asked you to let him or her try out one of The Dojo’s martial arts classes, either to pick up a few self-defense techniques, or just to learn some karate maneuvers. You want to say yes, but you have a few reservations of your own. Maybe you want to make sure he or she sticks with the karate lessons…maybe you wonder about getting hurt…or perhaps the price has you a little reluctant to pull the trigger.


All of these are legitimate concerns, but none you should worry about too much. Let us go out of order and address your concerns, starting with the second one. In our basic courses, there is no combat or sparring, so injuries should not happen. Furthermore, when your child reaches the one-on-one sparring level, rest assured that we use only the highest-quality protective gear to make sure no serious injuries occur. In addition, our facilities also include impact-absorbing mats that support and cushion our students’ bodies if they fall.

As far as the first concern (losing interest) and third (money), keep in mind that one of our enrollment options is for a two-week trial period. This gives your son or daughter the opportunity to try the program and for you to make sure The Dojo is a good fit for the family. If, during that trial period, you or your child becomes dissatisfied, we offer a 100% refund.

There is no risk involved, and no obligation to continue. Call or email us today so you can find out about all the enrollment options and check out one of our nine facilities, conveniently located throughout the region!

Improve Control and Self-Discipline With The Dojo’s Help

Your child is at the age where he or she may want a little more independence. With this independence comes a little (or a lot of) rebellion, which might catch you off guard, understandably so. While the new behavior may surprise you, it is something you will want to get in check before it gets out of hand. Some of the “acting out” likely comes from your child feeling that he or she has reached a “milestone” age, or the fact that he or she is entering a new school. However, some of it could also stem from a desire to be accepted by either parents, siblings or peers, or low self-esteem. Perhaps it is a combination of both. Unfortunately, this combination could also lead to a decline in grades or hanging out with the wrong crowds.

The experienced staff at The Dojo offers extensive training and support to help your child stay on the right path. This includes physical conditioning, self-defense classes, and various motivational tools and goals. With our after school martial arts programs, we help get your son or daughter in shape, both physically and mentally, with skills he or she can take back to the home and the classroom. Here, we tackle any problems before they further get out of hand with corrective measures like jumping jacks and pushups. If things should escalate, there are extreme measures like losing one’s belt or having to wear a “pink belt”.

Whether or not you notice a change in your child’s behavior, give us a call to help him or her remain focused in and out of school. We have nine locations located throughout the region and offer a number of tactics to help straighten your child out, or boost self-esteem!

Check Out The Dojo’s After School Programs

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Believe it or not, the first day of school is right around the corner, with many students in metro Atlanta heading back Wednesday, August 7. And as a parent or guardian, you are probably working to make sure your child is not only ready with school supplies, but also ready for your young student(s) to excel. One huge tenet we promote here at The Dojo is discipline, which we teach our students every single day. If your son or daughter had a rough 2012-13 school year, consider enrolling him or her in one of our after school programs.


In addition to helping your child stay in shape and learn various self-defense tactics, the techniques taught at our training centers also instill focus, confidence, self-esteem, and discipline. All of those things translate to an increased feeling of worth and perception, and in turn higher grades and improved behavior in the classroom.

We have nine locations in the metro Atlanta area, all which offer extensive training close to your home or school. Check out our various after school programs, which can help your elementary school-aged child stay on the right track and out of trouble. Contact us today to get started!